LITERARY FESTIVAL IN CRISIS RESISTS CCCB Kosmopolis 13 weaves science and humanities

[ Fri. Mar. 22. 2013 ]

Maybe he can criticize Kosmopolis 13, the feast of the amplified literature (translation: here amplified means in relation to other disciplines and technologies), the absence of illustrious visitors. And the crisis is pressed.

But you can not deny the ideas and proposals. So, this seventh edition, which opens tomorrow with a conversation between the writer and the critic Jaume Cabre Xavier Pla, and runs until Saturday at the CCCB, drive shaft is the relationship between science and science fiction humanities. Kosmopolis uses the concept of third culture, coined by John Brockman, to launch a series of events inspired by recent scientific developments, such as the arrival of the robot Curiosity to Mars or the probable existence of Higgs Hicks. And at a more popular level, the director Nacho Vigalondo and critic Jorge Carrion marked dialectical pulse face their respective defenses of film and television in the field of science fiction.