A conversation with theoretical physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson [1]

[ Thu. Aug. 13. 2009 ]

CHARLIE ROSE: Freeman Dyson is here. He has spent a lifetime grappling with some of the toughest problems in science and beyond. As a young physicist, he achieved worldwide recognition by merging three competing theories of quantum physics. Dyson has since become a best- selling author on topics from biotechnology to extraterrestrial 

In recent years, he has emerged as a critic of climate change. In March, "The New York Times" profiled him in an article called, "The Globing Warming Heretic." The piece asked, "How did Freeman Dyson, revered scientist, liberal intellectual, problem solver, wind up infuriating the environmentalists?"

We'll ask that and more. I'm pleased to have Freeman Dyson back at this table. Welcome.


CHARLIE ROSE: I'll get to this in a moment, but you really stirred them up when you talked about global warming, don't you?

FREEMAN DYSON: So, that article, of course, is totally misleading. Global warming is a very small part of my concern. ...

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