A NEW 'GOLDEN ERA'? Nautilus is the latest in a proliferation of science-news sites [1]

[ Wed. May. 8. 2013 ]

Nautilus [4], a new science magazine whose first issue appeared online April 29, has New York Times reporter Dennis Overbye, one of the beat’s veterans, feeling a bit a nostalgic. In a review [5] on Monday, he wrote:

The audience has fragmented among stalwarts like National Geographic and Scientific American; blogs; and new-media adventures like the TED talks, the World Science Festival and Edge.org [6], the online salon, and Simons Science News [7], a new effort by the mathematician and philanthropist [8] James H. Simons. ...

... It’s easy to sympathize with Overbye. Since the number of science writers and newspaper science sections began to plummet [9] at the end of the ’80s, there has been a sense among the concerned that there is a crisis in science journalism. Thanks to new online ventures like Nautilus, however, that feeling has begun to dissipate. ...