Dopamine and the Weather, Part 1 [1]

[ Thu. Jun. 28. 2018 ]

The Edge of Science

In the podcast, I reference an important article [Steven Pinker] wrote titled "A Biological Understanding of Human Nature" from a collection of great essays by over 20 thinkers including Jared Diamond and Ray Kurzweil. This collection is found in a book by John Brockman called The New Humanists: Science at the Edge. Brockman, author and founder of the intellectual forum [4], created many of the pieces in the book as narratives based on his conversations with these intellectuals and scientific minds....

In his contribution, Pinker addresses the biases and blind spots people have when it comes to discussing the roots of our behavior. We have much to learn from Steven Pinker and if you've never read him nor heard him speak, I highly recommend doing so....