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[ Wed. Dec. 31. 2008 ]


Inspired by them 2009 Edge Annual Question "What Will Change Everything?", EsquireRussia has dedicated their June issue to "the future", more specifically, to ideas about the future and those things that will "change everything." The issue features translations of fifteen essays from Edge.


Contributions included in the magazine are:

David Berreby - Post-Rational Economic Man [3]
Leo Chalupa - Controlling Brain Plasticity [4]
Austin Dacey - Carniculture [5]
Freeman Dyson - "Radiotelepathy" [6];
Brian Eno - The Feeling That Things Are Inevitably Going To Get Worse [7]
Juan Enriquez - Homo Evolutis [8]
Alison Gopnik - Never-Ending Childhood [9]
Sam Harris - True Lie Detection [10]
Robert Shapiro - A Separate Origin For Life [11]
Rupert Sheldrake - The Credit Crunch For Materialism [12]
Kevin Slavin - The Ebb Of Memory [13]
Nassim Nicholas Taleb - The Idea Of Negative And Iatrogenic Science [14]
Sherry Turkle - The Robotic Moment [15]
Frank Wilczek - Homesteading In Hilbert Space [16]
Anton Zeilinger - The Breakdown Of All Computers [17]There is no online version, but copies are available at newstands everywhere...in Russia, that is, and at international newsstand as well.