Isomorphism of Knowledge: Projections of Science in Literature 20th-21st Century (International Symposium - University of Bucharest, May 2019) [1]

[ Tue. Sep. 25. 2018 ]

Everything suggests that the new millennium has buried once and for all this paradigm of the two cultures that gave rise to so much debate throughout the twentieth century, and this in the name of a new humanism, even a return to question of the very principles of humanism. Many thinkers, including Francisco Fernández Buey (Para la tercera cultura, 2013) agree to observe in this reconfiguration of the epistemic order the advent of a third culture, an expression made famous by the literary agent John Brockman based on the postulates of CP Snow and which shows a reinvestment of the notion of reality, as well as the means implemented to apprehend it.

. . . The conference, The isomorphism of knowledge: projections of science in literature (twentieth-twenty-first centuries), proposes an interdisciplinary theoretical approach placing at the forefront the recent contributions of epistemocritique and the cognitive theory of figurative language and discourse in the perspective to establish, in a Hispanic and international framework, a dialogue between these two theoretical currents.