Officine Grandi Riparazioni of Turin. The pros and cons [1]

Gianluigi Ricuperati
[ Mon. Oct. 30. 2017 ]

Gianluigi Ricuperati says his about the OGR in Turin, recently inaugurated with the imposing "Big Bang." Despite the goodness of the initiative, courageous on a number of fronts, effort is not enough. And the things to see are many.

The OGR dream was a succession of real emotional and intellectual Big Bangs. . . .

The OGR dream did not have a single director, but a "general invention committee" with Brian Eno, John Brockman, Alice Rawsthorn, Alex Poots, Patricia Urquiola, HitoSteyerl: "high" representatives of the only vocation they should have a city like Turin, to experience without stopping.