Second thoughts on life, the universe and everything by world's best brains [1]

[ Mon. Dec. 31. 2007 ]

The changes of mind that gave philosophers and scientists new insights

James Randerson, science correspondent

They are the intellectual elite, the brains the rest of us rely on to make sense of the universe and answer the big questions. But in a refreshing show of new year humility, the world's best thinkers have admitted that from time to time even they are forced to change their minds.

When tackling subjects as diverse as human evolution, the laws of physics and sexual politics, scientists and philosophers, includingSteven Pinker [5]Daniel Dennett [6]Paul Davies [7] and Richard Wrangham [8], all confessed yesterday to a change of heart.

The display of scientific modesty was brought about by the annual new year's question posed by the website, which drew responses from more than 120 of the world's greatest thinkers.