[ Sat. Feb. 9. 2002 ]

TNT Weekly - "A good global perspective on nanotech." (www.cientifica.com [4])
Edge - "Awesome indie newsletter with brilliant contributors, emceed by John Brockman." Monthly. (www.edge.org [5])



>>Mickey Kaus, editor of the political commentary site Kausfiles.com

Imus on MSNBC - "A good one-stop fill on what the inbred Russert-esque chattering class in the NY-Wash corridor thinks is important." Daily links. (www.msnbc.com/yools/newstools/e/emailextra.asp [6]?nfeature=5)



>>Rita Dove, former poet laureate

A.Word.A.Day - Like "an intellectual Advent calendar," a daily post offers "a new word, along with its history and some quirky, fascinating explanation about its derivation." (www.wordsmith.org/awad [7])



>>Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House of Representatives

Healthcare Business News and eHealth & Technology - "Great coverage of new ideas and technologies that can save lives." Links and capsules. (www.healthleaders.com [8])
The Daily Policy Digest - Links from the Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis. (www.ncpa.org [9])



>>Paul Saffo, director, Institute for the Future

DrFish - News stories and analysis on subjects as varied as the peril of nanotech post-September 11 to Dunkin' Donuts' innovations with "mobile pull advertising" to The Simpsons. Run by entrepreneur William Cockayne. ([email protected] [10])



>>Bruce Sterling, novelist and editor of his own Viridian Notes   >>email newsletter, devoted to commentary on ecological concerns

nettime - Lightly moderated international discussion list that, according to its members, critiques consumerist culture while avoiding the pessimism and cynicism of most intellectuals and the "old" media. (www.nettime.org [11])



>>Ken Layne, columnist, Online Journalism Review

ARS Week in Review - "The sort of list that breeds paranoia." An edited selection of the week's posts on watchdog group alt.religion.scientology. (xenu.net/archive/WIR [12])
Lonely Planet Comet - "Best travel list out there. Covers cheap fares, weird towns, horror stories, strange souvenirs, and creepy government policies that may take effect just as you land in Mumbalumbia." Monthly. (www.lonelyplanet.com/comet [13])



>>Eric Raymond, open source guru

Geeks With Guns - "Discussion that oscillates back and forth between the fine points of tuning network servers and the fine points of the latest handguns." (geekswithguns.com/newsletter.html [14])
The Gunroom - Forum for fans of Patrick O'Brian and Age of Sail historical fiction. (www.hmssurprise.org [15])