Galactic Centre

The development of meaning in cultural environment has been translated, regenerated, and repeated as well as in natural phenomena under the creative process in our life by compaction and expansion. 

The world of ousss is one of them.

They have been developed throughout the public sector, private sector, scientific, literature and musical sector nevertheless that are only in ones poetric consequences.

Society or a part of nature repeats by shrinking and collected power to grow and therefore the expansion would occur, like the plantation needs to make a gnarl to be grown and it needs to collect the complexity of the elements to make itself, following by the further growth of the branch.

The middle age was one of the compaction where the depth of the pre renaissance was made, and the 20’s historical immigration from the European countries to the united states flooded the uncountable quantity of the intellectual people’s movement in America and this preconditioned to create most of the inventions we are using everyday, like an internet, electricity, light bulbe, telephone, google, car, airplane, etc. 

The astronomer Vesto Slipher was one of the first to suggest that the universe is bigger than our galaxy.

In the universe, the beginning of the star are the gases, the different quantities of the elements crashes each other by their own internal pressure become a certain heavier chemical elements billions of years later, it gains the gravity after a quantity constitutes it. When a star repeats the formation by the gravitational collapse, it enters the main sequence and starts to burn hydrogen in its core that derived a mass luminosity. 

The mass luminosity in the universe or in a society occurs only when the certain formation has made like our period, we are willing to burn to shine for the further development that are far to go.