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katie_hafner's picture
Katie Hafner

Technology Correspondent, New York Times; Author, Mother Daughter Me

jonathan_haidt's picture
Jonathan Haidt

Social Psychologist; Thomas Cooley Professor of Ethical Leadership, New York University Stern School of Business; Author, The Righteous Mind

david_haig's picture
David Haig

George Putnam Professor of Biology, Harvard University; Author, From Darwin to Derrida

eric_j_hall's picture
Eric J. Hall

CFO of, Inc

diane_f_halpern's picture
Diane F. Halpern

Professor, Claremont McKenna College; Past-president, American Psychological Association; Author, Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities

hans_halvorson's picture
Hans Halvorson

Professor of Philosophy, Princeton University

stuart_hameroff's picture
Stuart Hameroff

Professor, Anesthesiology and Psychology Associate Director, Center for Consciousness Studies The University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona

kiley_hamlin's picture
Kiley Hamlin

Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in Developmental Psychology, University of British Columbia

kevin_p_hand's picture
Kevin P. Hand

Deputy Chief Scientist for Solar System Exploration, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

timo_hannay's picture
Timo Hannay

Founding Managing Director, SchoolDash; Co-organizer, Sci Foo Camp

haim_harari's picture
Haim Harari

Physicist, former President, Weizmann Institute of Science; Author, A View from the Eye of the Storm

yuval_noah_harari's picture
Yuval Noah Harari

Professor, Department of History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Author, Sapiens

quentin_hardy's picture
Quentin Hardy

Deputy Technology Editor, The New York Times; Former Lecturer, U.C. Berkeley's School of Information

brian_hare's picture
Brian Hare

Evolutionary Anthropologist, Duke University; Co-author (with Vanessa Woods), Survival of the Friendliest

annaka_harris's picture
Annaka Harris

Co-founder of Project Reason; Author, Conscious

jonathan_harris's picture
Jonathan Harris

Artist, Storyteller

paul_harris's picture
Paul Harris

Victor S. Thomas Professor of Education, Harvard University

sam_harris's picture
Sam Harris

Neuroscientist; Philosopher; Author, Making Sense

katerina_harvati_papatheodorou's picture
Katerina Harvati-Papatheodorou

Director Paleoanthropology, Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen and the Senckenberg Center for Human Evolution and Paleoecology, Paläoanthropologie

martie_haselton's picture
Martie Haselton

Professor of Psychology, UCLA; Author, Hormonal

demis_hassabis's picture
Demis Hassabis

Vice President of Engineering, Google DeepMind; Co-founder, DeepMind Technologies

daniel_haun's picture
Daniel Haun

Professor of Early Child Development and Culture, Director, Leipzig Research Center for Early Child Development, Leipzig University

michael_hawley's picture
Michael Hawley

Musician, Scientist, Educator

marti_hearst's picture
Marti Hearst

Computer Scientist, UC Berkeley, School of Information; Author, Search User Interfaces

virginia_heffernan's picture
Virginia Heffernan

Columnist, The New York Times Magazine; Editorial Director, West Studios; Author, Magic and Loss

antony_hegarty's picture
Antony Hegarty

Singer, Composer, and Visual Artist

steven_j_heine's picture
Steven J. Heine

Professor of Psychology, University of British Columbia; Author, DNA Is Not Destiny

werner_heisenberg's picture
Werner Heisenberg

Doctorate in theoretical physics from the University of Munich

dirk_helbing's picture
Dirk Helbing

Professor of Computational Social Science, ETH Zurich; TU Delft, The Netherlands

mark_henderson's picture
Mark Henderson

Head of Communications, Wellcome Trust; Author, The Greek Manifesto

joseph_henrich's picture
Joseph Henrich

Anthropologist, Professor of Psychology and Economics, UBC; Canada Research Chair in Culture, Cognition and Coevolution; Author, The WEIRDest People in the World

reuben_hersh's picture
Reuben Hersh

Professor emeritus, University of New Mexico

jc_herz's picture
J.C. Herz

Author, Learning to Breathe Fire

c_sar_hidalgo's picture
César Hidalgo

Associate Professor, MIT Media Lab; Author, Why Information Grows

roger_highfield's picture
Roger Highfield

Director, External Affairs, Science Museum Group; Co-author (with Martin Nowak), SuperCooperators

hauke_hillebrandt's picture
Hauke Hillebrandt

Cognitive Neuroscientist; Charlotte and Yule Bogue Research Fellow, Harvard University

w_daniel_hillis's picture
W. Daniel Hillis

Physicist, Computer Scientist, Co-Founder, Applied Invention.; Author, The Pattern on the Stone

michael_hochberg's picture
Michael Hochberg

Evolutionist, CNRS, Santa Fe Institute, Institute for Advanced Study Toulouse

donald_d_hoffman's picture
Donald D. Hoffman

Cognitive Scientist, UC, Irvine; Author, The Case Against Reality

moshe_hoffman's picture
Moshe Hoffman

Research Scientist, Harvard University; Lecturer, MIT

maja_hoffmann's picture
Maja Hoffmann

Kunstalle Zurich Foundation

john_h_holland's picture
John H. Holland

Professor of psychology and a professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

jim_holt's picture
Jim Holt

Author and Essayist, New York Times. New Yorker, Slate; Author, Why Does the World Exist?

gerald_holton's picture
Gerald Holton

Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics and Professor of the History of Science, Emeritus, Harvard University; Author, Einstein for the 21st Century: His Legacy in Science, Art, and Modern Culture

mike_holtzclaw's picture
Mike Holtzclaw

Columnist, Daily Press

bruce_hood's picture
Bruce Hood

Chair of Developmental Psychology in Society, University of Bristol; Author, The Self-Illusion, Founder of Speakezee

daniel_hook's picture
Daniel Hook

CEO, Digital Science

carole_hooven's picture
Carole Hooven

Anthropologist, Harvard University; Author, T: The Story of Testosterone, the Hormone that Dominates and Divides Us

john_horgan's picture
John Horgan

Director, Center for Science Writings, Stevens Institute of Technology

sabine_hossenfelder's picture
Sabine Hossenfelder

Theoretical Physicist; Research Fellow, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies; Author, Existential Physics

verena_huber_dyson's picture
Verena Huber-Dyson

1923-2016; Emeritus Professor, Formerly, Philosophy Department. University of Calgary, Alberta Canada

bernardo_huberman's picture
Bernardo Huberman

HP Fellow and Director of the Systems Research Center at Hewlett Packard Laboratories

arianna_huffington's picture
Arianna Huffington

Chair, President, Editor-In-Chief, The Huffington Post Media Group; Nationally Syndicated Columnist; Author

nicholas_humphrey's picture
Nicholas Humphrey

Emeritus Professor of Psychology, London School of Economics; Visiting Professor of Philosophy, New College of the Humanities; Senior Member, Darwin College, Cambridge; Author, Soul Dust

bryan_hunt's picture
Bryan Hunt

American modernist sculptor

mark_hurst's picture
Mark Hurst

Founder of Internet consulting firm Creative Good

piet_hut's picture
Piet Hut

professor of astrophysics at the Institute for Advanced Study, in Princeton

steven_e__hyman's picture
Steven E. Hyman

Director, Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard