william_h_calvin's picture
Theoretical Neurobiologist; Affiliate Professor Emeritus,...
mihaly_csikszentmihalyi's picture
Psychologist; Director, Quality of Life Research Center,...
pattie_maes's picture
Professor, MIT MediaLab; Program Head, MIT's Program...
george_dyson's picture
Science Historian; Author, Analogia
douglas_rushkoff's picture
Media Analyst; Documentary Writer; Author, Throwing Rocks...
howard_gardner's picture
Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education, Harvard...
james_j_odonnell's picture
Classics Scholar, University Librarian, ASU; Author, Pagans
librettist, poet, critic, and scholar
clifford_pickover's picture
Author, The Math Book, The Physics Book, and The Medical...
roger_schank's picture
CEO, Socratic Arts Inc.; John Evans Professor Emeritus of...
philip_w_anderson's picture
Nobel Laureate; Physicist
john_gilmore's picture
filmmaker, writer, and Web developer
lee_smolin's picture
Physicist, Perimeter Institute; Author, Einstein's...
stephen_grossberg's picture
Principal founders of the fields of computational...
eric_j_hall's picture
CFO of rightscenter.com, Inc
john_horgan's picture
Director, Center for Science Writings, Stevens Institute of...
judith_rich_harris's picture
Independent Investigator and Theoretician; Author, The...
brian_goodwin's picture
Professor of Biology at Schumacher College
stephen_r_kellert's picture
Social Ecologist, Yale
philip_elmer_dewitt's picture
Writer, Editor, Fortune
stewart_brand's picture
Founder, the Whole Earth Catalog; Co-founder, The Well; Co-...
arnold_trehub's picture
Psychologist, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Author...
thomas_petzinger's picture
editor, reporter
john_mcwhorter's picture
Professor of Linguistics and Western Civilization, Columbia...
ivan_amato's picture
Freelance print and radio Writer; Editor of the Pathways of...
sylvia_paull's picture
founder of Gracenet
rodney_a_brooks's picture
Panasonic Professor of Robotics (emeritus); Former Director...
howard_rheingold's picture
Communications Expert; Author, Smart Mobs
bart_kosko's picture
Information Scientist and Professor of Electrical...
stephen_schneider's picture
climatologist, is a professor in the Department of...
piet_hut's picture
professor of astrophysics at the Institute for Advanced...
hans_ulrich_obrist's picture
Curator, Serpentine Gallery, London; Editor: A Brief...
dean_ornish's picture
Founder and President of the non-profit Preventive Medicine...
david_g_myers's picture
Professor of Psychology, Hope College; Co-author,...
freeman_dyson's picture
Physicist, Institute of Advanced Study; Author, Disturbing...
Chief Executive Officer of the New York Academy of Sciences.
keith_devlin's picture
Mathematician; Executive Director, H-STAR Institute,...
joseph_ledoux's picture
Professor of Neural Science, Psychology, Psychiatry, and...
kevin_kelly's picture
Senior Maverick, Wired; Author, What Technology Wants and...
stuart_hameroff's picture
Professor, Anesthesiology and Psychology Associate Director...
andy_clark's picture
Professor of Cognitive Philosophy, Department of Philosophy...
verena_huber_dyson's picture
1923-2016; Emeritus Professor, Formerly, Philosophy...
daniel_goleman's picture
Psychologist; Author (with Richard Davidson), Altered Traits
david_lykken's picture
Behavioral Geneticist and Emeritus Professor, University of...
anne_fausto-sterling's picture
Professor of Biology and Women's Studies at Brown...
julian_barbour's picture
Theoretical physicist; Author, The Janus Point
philip_brockman's picture
mehmet_c_oz's picture
Irving Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Columbia...
lance_knobel's picture
Independent Writer and Strategist
eberhard_zangger's picture
Managing director of science communications
terrence_j_sejnowski's picture
Computational Neuroscientist; Francis Crick Professor, the...
eduardo_punset's picture
Scientist; Spanish Television Presenter; Author, The...
Founder of Civitas Initiative
peter_cochrane's picture
Founding Partner, Formicio; Chairman & CEO, Cochrane...
charles_arthur's picture
Freelance Technology Journalist
kenneth_w_ford's picture
Retired Director of the American Institute of Physics
peter_schwartz's picture
Futurist; Senior Vice President for Global Government...
jason_calacanis's picture
Internet Entrepreneur; Angel Investor
steven_r_quartz's picture
Neuroscientist; Professor of Philosophy, Caltech; Co-author...
david_m_buss's picture
Professor of Psychology, University of Texas, Austin;...
leon_m_lederman's picture
Director emeritus of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
steven_pinker's picture
Johnstone Family Professor, Department of Psychology;...
jaron_lanier's picture
Computer Scientist; Musician; Author, Who Owns The Future?
denis_dutton's picture
Philosopher; Founder and Editor, Arts & Letters Daily;...
free-lance journalist
philip_campbell's picture
Editor-in-Chief of Nature since 1995; Beginning summer 2018...
Vice-Chairman of Goldman Sachs International.
thomas_de_zengotita's picture
denise_caruso's picture
Digital Commerce/Technology Columnist, the New York Times
david_braunschvig's picture
Adjunct Senior Fellow for Business and Foreign Policy,...
daniel_pink's picture
Contributing Editor, Wired; Author, To Sell is Human
rupert_sheldrake's picture
biologist and author
tor_n_rretranders's picture
Writer; Speaker; Thinker, Copenhagen, Denmark
geoffrey_miller's picture
Evolutionary psychologist, NYU Stern Business School and...
timothy_taylor's picture
Jan Eisner Professor of Archaeology, Comenius University in...
marney_morris's picture
Professor of Interaction Design, Engineering Department,...
henry_warwick's picture
artist, composer, and scientist
delta_willis's picture
Paleontologist; Author, Hominid Gang
nancy_etcoff's picture
Psychologist and faculty member of the Harvard Medical...
carlo_rovelli's picture
Theoretical Physicist; Aix-Marseille University, in the...
raphael_kasper's picture
physicist, is Associate Vice Provost for Research at...
robert_provine's picture
Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland, Baltimore...
joseph_yossi_vardi's picture
chairman of International Technologies
thomas_a_bass's picture
Professor of English and Journalism, State University of...
richard_potts's picture
Director of The Human Origins Program
rafael_n_ez's picture
Professor, Department of Cognitive Science, University of...
robert_aunger's picture
Biological Anthropologist; Author, Gaining Control
paul_davies's picture
Theoretical physicist; cosmologist; astro-biologist; co-...
paul_w_ewald's picture
Professor of Biology, Amherst College; Author, Plague Time
margaret_wertheim's picture
science writer and commentator
david_bunnell's picture
Founder, PC Magazine, PC World, Macworld, Macworld Expo,...
randolph_nesse's picture
Research Professor of Life Sciences, Director (2014-2019),...
w_brian_arthur's picture
External Professor, Santa Fe Institute; Visiting Researcher...
sherry_turkle's picture
Abby Rockefeller Mauzé Professor of the Social Studies of...
margaret_wertheim's picture
science writer and commentator