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Mentioned:  Daniel C. Dennett, David Chalmers
Mentioned:  Roger Penrose, David Chalmers
Mentioned:  David Chalmers, Susan Schneider, Donald D. Hoffman, Steven Pinker
Predictive Processing and the Nature of Conscious Experience
Mentioned:  David Chalmers, Daniel C. Dennett
How AI Technology Could Reshape the Human Mind and Create Alternate Synthetic Minds
Mentioned:  Rodney A. Brooks, Daniel Kahneman, Daniel C. Dennett, Roger Schank, David Chalmers, Marvin Minsky
Contributor(s): Arnold Trehub, Donald D. Hoffman, Steven Pinker, George Dyson, Sam Harris, Daniel Kahneman
Mentioned:  Eric R. Kandel
An EDGE Original Essay
Contributor(s): Vilayanur Ramachandran, Arnold Trehub, Robert Provine, E. O. Wilson
Contributor(s): Arnold Trehub
The EDGE 10th Anniversary Essay
Contributor(s): Simon Baron-Cohen, Linda S. Gottfredson, Helena Cronin, David C. Geary, Alison Gopnik, Elizabeth Spelke, Carole Hooven, Armand Marie Leroi, Steven Pinker,
Contributor(s): Jesse Bering, Marvin Minsky, Jaron Lanier, Paul Harris, Pascal Boyer, Paul Bloom, Mark Jay Mirsky
Contributor(s): Jaron Lanier
How Subconscious Thoughts Cook on the Backburner
Questions and Answers
A Debate
Contributor(s): Francisco Varela, Steve Jones, Niles Eldredge, Daniel C. Dennett
Contributor(s): Roger Schank, Marvin Minsky, Murray Gell-Mann, Lee Smolin, Alan Guth, Daniel C. Dennett, Richard Dawkins, W. Daniel Hillis, Francisco Varela, Steven Pinker, Steve Jones, Nicholas Humphrey