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An EDGE Special Event!
Contributor(s): Scott Atran, Daniel L. Everett, Dan Sperber, James J. O'Donnell, Larry Brilliant, MD, Lisa Randall, Lee Smolin, John Tooby, Eduardo Salcedo-Albaran
Contributor(s): S. Abbas Raza, William Poundstone, Hugo Mercier, Quentin Hardy, Martin Nowak, Roger Highfield, Bruce Schneier, Kai Krause, Sumit Paul-Choudhury, Margaret Levi, Andrés Roemer
Contributor(s): Paul Bloom, David DeSteno, Daryl Cameron, Dan Zahavi, Christian Keysers
Condensing it All Into Four Big Problems and a Killer App Solution
Skillful Backward and Forward Reasoning in Time: Superforecasting Requires "Counterfactualizing"
Counterfactual History: The Elusive Control Groups in Policy Debates
Tournaments: Prying Open Closed Minds in Unnecessarily Polarized Debates
Forecasting Tournaments: What We Discover When We Start Scoring Accuracy
Mentioned:  Daniel Kahneman, Philip Tetlock, Margaret Levi, Salar Kamangar, Peter Lee, W. Daniel Hillis, Robert Axelrod, Anne Treisman, Arya Kamangar
Edge Master Class—Summer 2015
#5 NoCal Nonfiction Bestseller List #19 New York Times Science Best-Seller List
Contributor(s): Nikolai Renedo, Patrick Forber, Daniel C. Dennett
Feuilleton | Future
Contributor(s): Nicholas G. Carr, Steven Pinker, Yuval Noah Harari, Kevin Kelly
A Symposium
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