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Mentioned:  Jared Diamond
Mentioned:  Nick Bostrom
What the Insect Brain Can Tell Us About Ourselves
The Bias Against Understanding the Biological Foundations of Women's Behavior
How Species Adapt, or Don't, to City Living
Mentioned:  E. O. Wilson, Stephen Jay Gould
New Phenomena That Will Change and Enrich Our Understanding of Fundamentals
The "Best of Edge" Book Series
A New Way to Investigate the Past
Contributor(s): Robert Trivers
Mentioned:  Svante Pääbo
Contributor(s): Nikolai Renedo, Patrick Forber, Daniel C. Dennett
HeadCon '14
HeadCon '14
Contributor(s): Nicholas Humphrey
Contributor(s): Jennifer Jacquet, Stuart Pimm, Esther Dyson
An EDGE Original Essay
Contributor(s): Stewart Brand, Daniel L. Everett, David C. Queller, Daniel C. Dennett, Herbert Gintis, Harvey Whitehouse, Ryan McKay, Peter Richerson, Jerry A. Coyne, Michael Hochberg, Peter Turchin, Robert Boyd, Sarah Mathew, Max Krasnow, Andrew Delton, Nicolas Baumard, Jonathan Haidt, David Sloan Wilson, Michael E. Price, Joseph Henrich, Randolph Nesse, Richard Dawkins, Helena Cronin, John Tooby, Steven Pinker
Mentioned:  William Poundstone, Karl Sigmund, Martin Nowak
Mentioned:  Philip Campbell, Brian Eno, Seirian Sumner, Tom Standage, Armand Marie Leroi, Simone Schnall, Geoffrey Carr, Tom Stoppard, Richard Wentworth, Marcus du Sautoy
Contributor(s): W. Daniel Hillis, Francisco Varela, Richard Dawkins, Niles Eldredge, Marvin Minsky, Lee Smolin, George C. Williams, Daniel C. Dennett
Mentioned:  Daniel Kahneman, Elaine Pagels, Michael Gazzaniga, Leda Cosmides, Steven Pinker
Mentioned:  Paul Bloom
The New Generation of Molecular Tools
Mentioned:  Nathan Wolfe
Contributor(s): Richard Dawkins, Stewart Brand, George Dyson, John Brockman
Genetics: Life From a Synthetic Genome
Contributor(s): Rodney A. Brooks, P Z Myers, Richard Dawkins, George Church, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Daniel C. Dennett, Dimitar D. Sasselov, Antony Hegarty, George Dyson, Kevin Kelly, Freeman Dyson
Mentioned:  Anthony Aguirre, George Dyson, Andrian Kreye, Freeman Dyson, Antony Hegarty
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