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Mentioned:  Heinz R Pagels
Contributor(s): Jean "Johnny" Pigozzi
Mentioned:  Martin Nowak, Robert Axelrod
Contributor(s): Don Ross, J. Doyne Farmer, Don Ross
Mentioned:  Daniel Kahneman
By Philipp Holstein
Mentioned:  Laurie R. Santos, Richard Wrangham, Robert Sapolsky
What the Insect Brain Can Tell Us About Ourselves
Mentioned:  Larry Page, Elon Musk, Demis Hassabis
The Bias Against Understanding the Biological Foundations of Women's Behavior
Mentioned:  Rodney A. Brooks, Daniel Kahneman, Daniel C. Dennett, Roger Schank, David Chalmers, Marvin Minsky
What drives the brightest minds
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